Rainy and Steaming February


As the weather provides a pleasant metronome on the window for those indoors and an unwanted swimming experience for those outside, Yorishiro keeps on working to further their dreams. This month we’ve set some big steps in how we manage our workflow, which is great to keep track of all the processes that make the band work. We wish we could present more live shows for you guys but with the recordings going on and a missing guitarist we’re grounded for a while.

All these indoor-days are good for songwriting it seems! More of the good stuff is coming together, feeling like they’ve been a part of us all along. We’re honing our skills in rehearsals, throwing the right amount of objects at people when needed.

While searching for a guitarist I had to stop and think on what it is that we are exactly. I could only conclude that Yorishiro is looking to bring people along to our world wherever we go, to inspire joy, parties and lots of feelings of moe.


Dreamy and hopeful January

Welcome to 2017 dear reader!

As you might have gathered from this and the previous post we’ve found a new style to go with. We considered updating this page with other social media content but we decided to give the people reading here a more in-depth look at Yorishiro! We hope that you will enjoy the new format.

The transition to 2017 felt very heavy, first we started out as a four man band for the first time since Raymond joined, but we also felt the weight of responsibility to create something great and give it everything we have in the process. The year of 2017, we have decided, will be the year Yorishiro states their “Hello world!”. In order to accomplish this we have a lot of plans in the works.

Another phase of our recordings has been completed with all guitars now recorded. Only a few more pieces to the puzzle and we’re ready to start working on the mixing and mastering process! It’s a big project that we sadly can’t spend as much consecutive days on as we’d like, but we’re getting closer!

Over and out!

Cold and bright December


It's been a busy month in the life of Yorishiro! As the last month of the year December is filled with lots of endings, one of those endings came with the departure of Sjors. Everyone goes through the process at a different pace, but we felt like our roads had diverged too much to keep the teamwork coherent.

We separated with a friendship forged in the fires of our live performances, we wish Sjors the best in his further musical ventures!

As families come together during this time of year so did Yorishiro. We spent a wonderful evening over at Raymond, our stomaches full of Udon! We talked some music, we talked some anime, we drank some great sweet potato shochu!

As you may have already seen, the recordings of our EP are an ongoing process with Joey's bass guitar now tracked and ready to go! It's been a couple of rough days but when you strive for perfection nothing comes easy! We can't wait to present the results of all our hard work to you!


Yorishiro is now a five man band!

Good news everyone! Yorishiro has a new member!

Joining us on our path of 'moe world domination' will be Raymond, reinforcing our music with some super solid drumming!
We're looking forward to working with him, and are happy to hear that feeling is mutual.

Please welcome the newest addition to our family! It won't be long before we are ready to go on stage to spread the word of the Manikineko :)

Check out his entry to our bio page here.

Song release upcoming!

Oh! What’s this? More songs!? Yes!
*We would insert a drumroll, but we don’t have a drummer…*
The 20th of April we will release a new song..!
You’ll find it here, on our SoundCloud, and our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

New website in progress

Hey dear visitors!
As you may have noticed, our website has changed quite a lot! However, there is still a lot to do.
Our new awesome webdesign is made by Emi (www.facebook.com/emilyana.arts), thank you very much!
For the time being, enjoy your visit!

Happy Newyear!

Hi Guys! Happy Newyear! Its the year of the monkey! Ook ook ook ook! Yorishiro wishes you a great year and we hope this will become our year!

Also, we are currently looking for a drummer! If you know anyone, let us know!

Hey guys! Check out our teaser!


Sad news of departure

Randy has decided to leave the band. We are saddened by this news and wish Randy the best luck!
When we conquer the world, you shall be an honorable mention!

Another new party member has joined!

Huh? What? Another application?! This guy is weird. He kept repeating own name...
Anyhows, he fits in quite well and his different play style is very pleasant and refreshing. I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS, I AM SJORS.
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